Happy Birthday to Mr Ginge!

It’s Mr. Ginge’s birthday today! Yay!


The man who not only serves as an official Ginger Bakes taste tester, but is a driving force behind the blog, occasionally coming up with recipes, supporting me over the past two years, and ultimately the person who turned me into a “foodie” by always making me try something at least once. I mean let’s face it, this man is all about the food.

So in honour of his birthday, I’m sharing 15 of his favourite recipes from the blog.

In no particular order:


1. Christmas in a Cup – One of his recipes, his beverage of choice after coming in from shovelling the driveway. 
2.Cheddar Ranch Bubble Bread – I changed the recipe a bit one day ( which I should have known not to do) and completely ruined is day because it wasn’t how he liked it.

3.White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies – His absolute favourite cookie. I make him a batch every year to take hunting with him.

4. Nutella Crispy Rolls – The man loves chocolate. And cereal treats. He could hardly wait ( and didn’t) for the chocolate to set before slicing into these.

caramel apple pancakes- GB
5.Caramel Apple Pancakes – Another one of his recipes that he came up with when he had a craving for pancakes and some apples that needed to be eaten.
6.Cracker Fried Pork Tenderloin ( or, as we call it, Snake)- I can not buy pork tenderloin and not make this.  It just doesn’t happen.


7.Dark Chocolate Bourbon Mousse – We are bourbon drinkers, so the combination was irresistible to him.
8.Pizza Rolls – The appetizer that sparked our relationship and a favourite of  the snacker.
9.Mom’s Lasagna – His requested birthday meal 😀

10.Iced Toffee Scones – It was him who discovered these in the grocery store, and eagerly gobbled up the homemade version. That and I’m pretty sure he thinks Skor bits would improve most desserts.
11.Lobster Mac and Cheese – The man loves all things rich and indulgent.
12.Marbled Chocolate Orange Pound Cake – Citrus-y pound cake is one of his most favourite things and the addition of chocolate makes it all that much better to him.
13.Jalapeno Grilled Cheese – This was love at first bite for him.

14.Buttertarts – Mr. Ginge is a fan of any classic dessert, and requests these fequently.
15.Deep Dish Pizza – After all, he was the one who begged me to make it when we couldn’t get it in town.

So there you have it. A few of the birthday boy’s favourite recipes.  Happy Birthday to him!

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