Outside My Kitchen

At this very moment, I am scarfing down a croissant loaded with Boursin  cheese. Yum.

And while that is not a very exciting revelation this snowy February afternoon, it is decidedly more exciting than the mountain of laundry that I have to face. How two people amass so much laundry is beyond me.

As you can probably tell, I’m suffering from a tough case of writers block. I’ve got some recipes lined up, photographed and all ready to go, but all I think to say about them is ” Hey! This is good! You should make it!”, which, really, would get redundant after the first time.

So instead, I’m going to inundate you with some pictures (mostly of my cats) which I took with my new lens. Yay!


The first picture I took with the new lens was actually a Skylander,  but the various cats lazing around the proved to be better subjects.

chewy cleaning

Isn’t my baby cute?




We went out for sushi the other night, and broke in my lens on actual food instead of cats. It’s still throwing me off a little bit and I’m getting blurs in all the wrong spots, but I’m still in love.


Happy Caturday!


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One thought on “Outside My Kitchen

  1. I love your cats, they are too cute!

    Ooooh! The new lens sounds fun! Can’t wait to see some more pics as you improve.

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