Strawberry Matcha Pops


I finally got my hands on some green tea powder.

It only took the better part of a year, a road trip to the nearest city to the closest Asian food market, dragging my mom and sister along for the ride,  then utterly confusing the poor man behind the counter.

But I got some.

Then my sister and I went hog wild trying to decide what to make.  Green tea frappes. Bubble tea ( which kind of failed before it got off the ground. Does anyone know what we are doing wrong?). Cake. Cookies. Popcorn. We threw ideas back and forth, tried some, put some on the back burner, then because it was unbearably hot, we made popcicles.

That and the strawberry layer makes an awesome shade of pink. Pink food = awesomeness.

And boy were they yummy.

And because my sister also went hog wild with the pictures, we decided to share.

The recipe comes from Jamieanne over at The Sweetest Kitchen (super cute blog btw), and because we didn’t rally change the recipe at all, you can find it here.

Because I don’t have a Zoku Pop maker, I just poured the strawberry layer in my moulds about half way up or until they just reached the bottom of my stick. Then when it was set I poured the matcha layer over top and let them freeze completely.

Then we ate them. So did Jack.  And it was good.

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry Matcha Pops

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  2. Love these pops! Matcha and Strawberry is such a creative combination! Glad to see your kitty got to enjoy them too, too cute!

    I loved your recipe so much that I featured it on my blog:

    • Haha, thanks, although I can’t take all the credit! And curious Jack did indeed like them. Thanks again for featuring them!

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