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How I Organize My Recipes

I have an addiction.

And it seems to be recipes. One that I also share with Mr Ginge.

There are recipes everywhere in my house, collected by me, Mr Ginge, or other members of our family, sometimes with sweets notes attached. Clippings from the newspaper from work,  pages torn from magazines, recipe card freebies from the grocery store all get collected and stacked somewhere in our home. And this doesn’t even include recipes that we find online. Needless to say, I had to come up with a way t keep them all sorted.

I keep them all organized using mainly four ways, and will say now that I am a lover of recipe cards and use them heavily. I get mine at Michaels, or just use index cards from the dollar store. Or bits of paper. Whatever. It just what works best for me.

1) Pinterest – Alright, everybody uses Pinterest for recipes, but dudes, it works! I have tried starring things in my reader, or using stumble upon, or even bookmarking pages, but they just get lost and I spend forever trying to find them. Online recipes that we find get pinned on to my various food related boards. I even started a board for recipes that I have made ( and liked!)  so that I can find them again. Occasionally recipes get printed ( then filed), but more often than not I am out of ink, so this works the best.

2) My Recipe Book – Here I keep my most turned to recipes, things that I make often or that Mr Ginge requests often. The book ( which I was given as a gift) has dividers for each type of recipe, and hold recipe cards. If recipes cards aren’t your thing, the same idea could be used for print outs, but that just didn’t work for me. I keep the book within easy reach so that I can turn to it  whenever I wish.

3) Recipe Boxes – So yes. I love retro recipe storage ways. I keep our less frequently used recipes here. Recipes that we have tried and liked ( or that at least one of us have), family recipes that are less frequently used, and the like. I do have two boxes, one for sweet and one for savory, but you could certainly get away with one. I’m just super persnickety.

4) The File Folder – When I first met Mr Ginge, many of his recipes were secretly stashed away in a shoe box, or in old cheque book boxes. Mine were stacking up, loosely stuck into an old binder. And then there was the pile of magazines to go through. It was getting to be mountain high. I actually came across the folder in an office supply store and it turned out to be perfect for all of the clipping and bits of paper.  I just labelled the inside dividers  with the type of recipe that I wanted an then slid them into the pocket. While this may still require a bit of time to search for a recipe to try, it’s at least narrowed own a bit more.

And there you have it. That’s how my recipes are organized. Too bad nothing else is organized that way.

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