Caramilk Cheesecake









*A few people have let me know that they are having trouble finding the recipe, so I have put the link here so that it is easier to find*


I have been on the job hunt, and last week I went to an interview for a water treatment company that specializes in water conditioning units ( basically units that take all the junk out of your tap water). Part of the interview process was to learn about water, and how it gets treated and what kinds of things are in water, like your calcium, lime, iron, etc, or as they called it ” The Rock”. It went on to explain how ” The Rock”, was what caused spots on your dishes, the ring in your bathtub, and is essentially the root of all water evil.

Hokey, if you ask me, but it has stuck. Coincidentally, a well known wrestler/ actor goes by that name, and well that was it for me. Let’s just say spring cleaning has taken on a whole new level.

Spotty dishes? Nope that’s just “the Rock”.  Grimy sinks? Negative. That’s just “the Rock”in there. Soap scum in the shower? Nope. That’s just “The Rock” in there too. ( No wonder it’s so tough!)

And if you are looking for some dessert, this Rocks ( ahahaha….. OK…. that was bad )

Mr Ginge had me make this cheesecake when we had friends over for dinner a little while back, after he heard his uncle talking about making it. He obviously couldn’t stop thinking about it. And clearly this was a good idea, because oh my gosh, it was to die for. We sent some  home with our neighbors, and they later told us they kept sneaking to the fridge to sneak a quick bite.

Because it was the first time I made it, I stuck to the recipe, which you can find here, but there were a few things that I did make note of.

First, instead of trying to find and buy dulce de leche, I just made my own by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk for a couple hours. You can find more in depth instructions here.

I had made a runnier topping, which then proceeded to run down once the cake was cut. And then continued to run down when it was put back in the fridge. A lipped plate or cake stand is highly recommended.

And lastly, the recipe only calls for one Caramilk bar to stick around the edges. All I have to say is that it must have been a giant-sized chocolate bar, since it took me six and a half regular bars to make it around the 10 inch cake. On the bight side though it does make for excellent cutting guides.

One square or two?


– Mel

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15 thoughts on “Caramilk Cheesecake

  1. this looks incredible. the caramilks on the outside is genius.

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  4. abbey

    how did u make it

  5. tanya

    Where is the recipe for this that looks great my favourite chocolate bar

  6. Nicole

    Yours looks SOOOO much better than the original! Wish I could make this. Looks DELISH!

  7. Ozzlynn

    115% of your daily intake on saturated fats, wow but it looks soo good

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