A Rafter of Turkeys

On most Thanksgiving tables, the turkey is the star.

And let’s face it, it certainly acts the star. It takes the longest to get ready, requires lots of attention, and is always surrounded by its entourage. 😀

The Thanksgiving turkey is happy to be the center of attention on the holiday table.

And while pumpkin pie generally is the star of the dessert  table, these little guys are happy to take a supporting role.

I could certainly gobble these guys up!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

makes 36 cookies

  • sugar cookie dough
  • 18 marshmallows, cut in half
  • 1pkg chocolate chips, melted
  • royal icing, or food color markers and sprinkles to decorate
  1. Roll out your dough, and with a scalloped round cookie cutter, cut out 36 cookies.  I would really use a bigger cutter than I did. My scalloped cutter was much smaller than I thought…. 😦
  2. Cut the bottom bumps off to get your turkey fan shape, then bake as directed.

    This is already decorated, but you want a shape like this.

  3. While your cookies are cooling, dip the marshmallow halves in the chocolate and let cool. These will be the turkey heads.
  4. Once the cookies have cooled, decorate the fan with some feather shapes. I started with the outline, then flooded in different thanksgiving colors after it had dried (like above). Let the icing cool completely. Alternatively, if you are short on time, or don’t want to hassles with royal icing, just draw and color in your fan with food color markers. They are amazing. Melted colored chocolate would also work nicely too.

    This is the outline I traced. Alternatively you could just color it in with the markers

  5. With left over icing, pipe your face onto the marshmallows, or stick on some sprinkle while the chocolate is still a bit wet.
  6. Once everything has dried, attach the marshmallow to the cookie with some royal icing, or some melted chocolate. Let set for a few hour or overnight.


Happy Thanksgiving!



I linked this recipe to Taste and Tell Thurdays! Click the link to check out more `Turkey`recipes!

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3 thoughts on “A Rafter of Turkeys

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  2. These are seriously so fun. I know all the kids would love to have one at their spot on the Thanksgiving table!! (Hey -I’d be happy to have one, too!) Thanks so much for linking up to Taste and Tell Thursdays!

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