My Vanilla Experiment- The Results

Eight weeks ago I decided to try making my own vanilla extract. I had seen it floating around the web, so when I finally got my hands on some vanilla beans (they are ridiculously expensive in my little town) I wanted to make something that would make these suckers last. Enter My Vanilla Experiment.

So now I have a mason jar full of dark amber liquid that smells very vanilla-y…. but its it good?

I thought I would whip up some vanilla pudding and find out.

I pitted my result against a real deal vanilla bean, and the store bought stuff. And the verdict?

In one pudding there was a vanilla bean, and the other two there was 2 tsp of either vanilla.

Mr Ginge, his mom, and myself all agreed that the real deal vanilla bean was the clear winner. Plus all of the seeds looked so pretty in the pudding.

The (close) runner up was my homemade vanilla. Mr Ginge had a hard time deciding between the two. I thought that it was maybe just a tad mild.

And the store bought brand?  Well lets just say it did not fair too well. The flavor was much more intense and it plain didn’t taste as nice.

So while my experiment lost out to the actual vanilla bean, we completely favored it over the store bought. We did decide however that it needed a few more weeks, especially since we made ours in such a large quantity.

Funny though, since the taste test, my store bought vanilla has mysteriously disappeared…..





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2 thoughts on “My Vanilla Experiment- The Results

  1. Hulkster

    I would like to say this is a very interesting experiment and I would enjoy reading about more experiments of your’s. I would also like to point out that brother ginge did not get to partake in the last experiment and is fairly upset about the whole ordeal.

    • yes… but normally brother ginge is included in numerous taste tests, and likely will be in the future. 😉

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