My Vanilla Experiment-Part 5

Yay! It’s officially Fall!

Which also means it has been eight weeks since I started my vanilla experiment, and I should have wonderful homemade vanilla extract waiting for me in that mason jar. How exciting!

When I started the experiment, it was just a few beans swimming in some vodka. Vodka is a relatively neutral base, but my research showed that rum would also be an excellent choice ( I’m not a fan though), and I had a friend suggest using whiskey.

While eight weeks was the recommended steep time, I decided to check on it periodically.  I was amazed at how much color it had after only a couple weeks. It still smelled mostly of vodka though. So I added a few more beans.

After four weeks, the color was considerably darker, and it smelled so strongly of vanilla, I wanted to test it out right there and then! Some how I found the patience, and set it back in our “wine cellar” where I was keeping it.

After six weeks, it was darker still, although by not as much.  Most of the little seeds would sink to the bottom, so both Mr. Ginge and I would give it a shake every once in a while.

And this is what it looks like after eight:

I will admit I was expecting a darker, richer color. However, it smelled UH-maz-ING. You can still smell the alcohol in it, but vanilla is definitely what you smell first. I have yet to taste it yet, but if it doesn’t turn out, Mr Ginge is more than willing to adopt it for his bar ( secretly he’s been wishing this from the start!).

Compared to the store bought bottle, the color is waaaayyyy off. I have 9 beans in my jar, it just over 3 cups of liquid. Not sure if more beans would deepen the color, or letting it steep a bit longer. Or maybe I’m competing with coloring. I had to rip the label off to take a picture an never thought to look. Oops…

All that is left to do is the taste test…. 🙂


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One thought on “My Vanilla Experiment-Part 5

  1. Oooh! I can’t wait for the results of the taste test!

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