My Vanilla Experiment- Part 1

I love vanilla. I won’t lie, when a recipe calls for it, I usually end up doubling it. I buy mega-size bottles and go through them like mad.But making it? That thought had never really occurred to me.

Originally, I had seen Michael Smith’s jar of homemade vanilla on his Food Network show. It was novel idea and I was enthralled. But I never really got round to it, of a myriad of reasons.

Then I started seeing it around the web… and the seed stuck.

So when Mr.Ginge brought me home some vanilla beans this weekend, I could hardly wait to try it out.

I grabbed a big mason jar, some vodka from his bar, and stuck those beans in. ( I followed this method here). And now I am  in for a long wait.I was really surprised at how beautifully amber the liquid got after two days.  I’m already excited to use it, and its not going to be ready until October! Oh well.

Mr.Ginge can’t wait either. He wants to pour some over ice cream, or if all else fails, have some really great vanilla vodka to add to his bar. 🙂

I will keep posting periodically on the progress!!


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One thought on “My Vanilla Experiment- Part 1

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