A Visit to the Farmers Market…

So, I have a confession.

I’m a bit behind on my posts. But I am guessing, that you are plainly aware.

In my defense, my week has been a hectic one.  The past couple weeks, I have been getting more hours at work. Now this is definitely not a bad thing, it just makes for a busier schedule. And then yesterday, I was literally gone for the entire day, running errands with Mr. Ginge. And while this is not a complaint, it just makes for slow movement on things like baking, and writing blog posts (oops…..).

I did, however, make it to the Farmers Market yesterday! Yay!

It just opened for the 2011 season last week, and well, I have been anxiously awaiting for it to open since it closed for the season in October.  Now I’m just waiting for the little farm stand that is on my way home to open!

My love for our little market, is because of Mr Ginge. He loved the market long before I did, and often tried to take me, but since I never wanted to get out of bed that early, went alone. I mean, I knew it was there, it has been for over 150 years, but never really had the drive to go, meaning I didn’t want to get out of bed that early to go look at a bunch of vegetables. But you see, Mr Ginge does not tend to give up that easily, so he changed tactics. He started to bring the market to me. One summer, he brought home some empire biscuits, which was amazing, because my family has been making them for years (both my grandmothers made them) but had never seen them anywhere else before.  Another time he brought home some sweet yellow plums,and fresh honey comb.  Another day, he dragged me out of bed to take me to this one stand that was selling, fresh wild blueberries. Eventually I was hooked.

And while the super fresh, local producers, farm-to-table aspect of the market is nice, I love going simply because of what I can find.  Because, honestly, in our little town,   you just don’t find wild blueberries or honey comb at the grocers. And you certainly won’t buy it from as nice of people.

Now it is still only May. In Ontario. So frankly, as far as produce goes, there isn’t a whole lot available yet.  However I did not let that deter me. Here is what I came home with this time:

Catnip! For my brother’s cat. 😀 Completely random too. I bought the little plant from a woman ( I don’t remember her from last year) who was selling seedlings for all sorts of lettuce, and (mostly) herbs, but she had one little flat of catnip. Titan loves catnip. I’ve heard it grows like a weed, so I am hoping it will do well once I transfer it to a larger planter.

Rhubarb! My Dad brought some home from work for my mom, so I was hoping I would find it this week! I have not seen it in the grocery stores yet ( or actually, I think I see it, and it turns out to be swiss chard….) I’m planning on making some Strawberry-Rhubarb jam with it, so hopefully I will get that recipe up to share. Super nice people at the stall too. Generally they sell preserves ( Mr. Ginge loves their icicle pickles), but occasionally they have some produce there too!

Apple Fritter! This sort of became a kind of farmers market tradition, where we buy at least one every time we go. The local bakery in town makes them. As you can tell, it was  half eaten before  I could take a picture of it.Yum-ay.

We bought some cheese curds too…. but somehow they disappeared.


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